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Fitoor Travel is your one-stop destination for all your travel needs to Georgia. From flight tickets to hotel bookings and city tours, we offer a wide range of services. As the official partner of First Wish Art Gallery, we also provide special packages for artists.

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Value for money - We don't claim to be the cheapest, but we do believe we offer very good value.

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Air Port Pick up & Drop

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Hotel Booking

Get the best discounted rates when you book using our assistance.

Flight Tickets

Book your air tickets with us - Sit back & just relax!! Online dynamic rates only.

Visa & Insurance

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Customize Packages

We design your customize travel packages as per your budgets. Special Discount on your Birthday & Wedding Anniversary

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Unforgettable Journeys to Georgia
Official Partner of First Wish Art Gallery

Discover our exclusive travel packages offering flight tickets, hotel bookings, city tours, and more for your unforgettable journey to Georgia. We specialize in creating tailored experiences for artists and are proud partners of First Wish Art Gallery.

We are honored to be the official partner of FIRST WISH ART GALLERY, offering exclusive benefits to all art community.